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Creative Lamps for Children Bedrooms

Creative Lamps for Children Bedrooms

If you have a kid, are thinking about having one or maybe just think like a kid, this decor lamp inspirational ideas are just for you.

They will for sure create a creative and inspirational room, as also make your kid fall a sleep like an angel.

From lamps that make you dream to lamps that create sweet dreams. Like the Circu Cloud Lamp that has a light and sound system controlled by a mobile app or a remote with several options, from choice of music, light effects, and sleep time. Or the Nightlight Cottage by Kerri Lee that creates a little ambience throughout the night.

Get inspired and bring the lights on or off!

Cloud Suspension Lamp, Circu

The tot, Little Light Rainbow Lamp

Konges Sloejd Clam Lamp

Safavieh-Sunny Squirrel Lamp

Nightlight Cottage, Kerri Lee

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