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How to Achieve a Serene House

How to achieve a serene house, that’s one of the most importante steps into your wellbeing.

Our house is a reflection into our soul, it should reflect how we feel and who we want to be. It’s also the place we spend the most time in. And due to the pandemic we saw ourselves forced to stay even more time.

Since we spend so much time inside our homes, and our lives are already so chaotic we should try to achieve a more serene home. A place were we can feel calm, relax and protected.

So witch steps should we take in order to get the perfect serene house.

Let it be nature

Big windows and embracing nature is one of the most important steps to make your home feel peaceful. Since nature is known to have a calming effect and helping our moods.

And then was light

Light is super importante, it lifts our spirts. Just like a flower we also need to absorve the light to glow.

Calm colours

Choose a calm neutral colour palette. But also feel free to be adventurous and mix in vibrant colours. It should be a place to make you feel calm and only you know what that means.

Function and purpose

The space should be design with functionality in mind. Everything you use and how you use it must have a purpose. That’s how we obtain organisation of space and mind.



Four senses

Provoke your senses, smell, touch, sound and obviously sight. Use textures, natural perfumes, and fabrics to trick your brain into relaxing.

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