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Home Office Inspirations for 2021

Home Office Inspirations for 2021

Last year was the official year of working from home. Everyone at some point or another seem to be faced with the same facts, stay at home, work from home or entertaining yourself at home.

So either way we spent so much more time at home, that inevitable we star looking for ways to renovate our spaces.

One of the spaces that become a lot more lived in was the home office. Either by yourself or the kids in the house. A space that once was almost an afterthought, given the current circumstances, become one of the most used spaces.

Let’s dive into some of the ways you can change your office.

Picture perfect

Prepare your space for those online meetings. It not only makes it look more profissional it also makes you feel more profissional. An organised, fresh and clean space will make you feel productive throughout the day.


When it comes to plants, more is always the answer 

Use lot’s of plants, it makes you feel close to nature and your brain will thank you for that.

Bring back the Color 

Don’t be afraid to play with color. Use your imagination and use it in unexpected ways.

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