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5 steps to get a mid-century dining room

So you can have a mid-century dining room, you can follow some easy steps, like this 5 that going to show you on this article. Although it seems like something easy to get done, you might want to be cautious, because the line between mid-century and Scandinavian is getting thinner, and thinner. Luckily, we have put together five easy steps on how to get a mid-century dining room.

1. Choose the right mid-century table

If you are going for a new dining room decor, start with the essentials. Get a mid-century dining table that will set the tone for the whole room. You can go with an authentic 1950’s teak table, or opt for something a little bit more out of the box. Our suggestion is this marble-based table with a retro mirrored top by Essential Home.

2. Pair it up with a few mid-century dining chairs

As we keep tackling the essentials you need for your new dining room, you need to know everything about dining chairs. If you are going for the perfect mid-century modern dining set, pair your new dining table with a few mid-century dining chairs. If you’re choosing the marble-based table we have shown you above, don’t overpower your decor, and go with a minimalist design for your chairs, like these classic mid-century chairs.

3. Add a comfortable accent

Make your dining room look and feel comfortable. The best way to create that feeling is using a rug that hugs your dining table and chairs. Keeping with a mid-century vibe, go for geometric patterns and warm colors such as tangerine, and scarlet red. You can also go for colder tones, but keep them a little bit faded. Our favorite color suggestions include avocado green, sherbet blue, and beige.

4. Make room for storage

You will want to store a couple of things in your dining room, that is for sure. Your best chinas should be stored in a worthy sideboard. Monocles sideboard can be customized with any finish, so whether you want it in gold plated brass or nickel-finished brass, you will get it your way.

5. And… light it up!

And last but not least, get some light in your dining room. Choosing the right light, and the perfect fixture to reflect your design’s mood might not be easy. Our suggestion for you is going with a Sputnik-style mid-century chandelier, as this will help you create an authentic 1950/1960’s look in your dining room.

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