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Choose the perfect Dining table

To Choose the perfect Dining table

Not just is it a big visual element of the room, but it also has a huge role in our lives and the main function: gathering everyone around it. Infrequently used as just a surface to eat from, they’ve become a place to work. A place to gather and reconnect or to partake in family activities such as arts and crafts with your little ones.

It goes without saying that it pays to choose the perfect dining table for your home as they are very much an investment. You should invest continuance researching for your perfect table. Like that farmhouse table that is still serving us well 11 years on albeit we’ve had to remove the centre section to fit in our new kitchen.

How to choose?
So whether it’s part of a multi-use space or a separate dining room, start by measuring the length and width of the area you can dedicate to the dining table. Then subtract about six feet from those two measurements to get a target dining table length and width.
Then you need to match or catch your favourite style.

We select a few of our favourite dining table to help you in the research!

essential home – Ezra dining table


essential home Alberto dining table
Boca do Lobo – Dining Table
Boca do Lobo – Fortuna Dining Table
Boca do Lobo – Marble Table

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