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Ultimate gray and Illuminating

Colours of the year Ultimate gray and Illuminating yellow are intriguing and a very fresh combination.

Ultimate gray and Illuminating

People expresse their feelings and ideias throughout the use of color, embracing the language of color to demonstrate whats inside our mind.

Ultimate gray and Illuminating

The chosen colours of the year reflect just that, what we as collective group, as society, going trough some unprecedented times, feel like expressing and what need.

Illuminating is bright and is here to bring vitality and happiness. While, Ultimate Gray comes from solid feelings and brings steadiness and foundation.

Two colours that are so different and seem the opposite, yet when combined they bring thoughtfulness and hopefulness, a mix between practical and positive.

Using illuminating yellow as a bright welcome to your home and juxtaposing with ultimate gray as a truth foundation. We have the perfect marriage, between solid and vitality.

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