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Modern Classic Design

What is Modern Classic Design?
Classicism is defined by the Treccani encyclopedia as a “complex of theoretical concepts and practical norms. Drawn from the ancient Greeks and Romans and applied to the composition and evaluation of works of art”

The design of modern interiors as it is now intended refers to a style that was created in the first half of the 1900s (between the ’20s and the ’50s), even if the definition has now been extended to the entire century.

The focus was directed to formal simplicity and functionality, clean lines, the use of natural materials and plastics and moderation in the application of colour.
Modern Classic Design is the latest fashion in interior design these days.

How to achieve this Style?
Choose wisely the property, apartment or house. It must have plenty of natural light provided by big windows. High ceilings also give us a spacious and open atmosphere necessary to the classic style.

A trendy dream house needs, light wall colours, white, silver, beige and some classic elements that can be provided by furniture as modern sofas, classic rugs, paintings or ceramics. For these elements, the suitable colours are chocolate brown, red and all silvered greys. Massive paintings but few.

The interior spaces are developed in an open and airy manner, without too many furniture items.
The natural light must be followed by great chandeliers, table lamps and of course, mirrors in key places these help reflecting either natural or artificial light.

We select the best inspirational references to give you a visual application of this style.
sofaRUG MIRROR living room

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