We presented to you all about the mid-century style in interior design and the principal characteristics of this atemporal style. What Defines Mid-Century Style Mid-Century Style is defined by several…

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What is Mid-Century Style in Interior Design


We presented to you all about the mid-century style in interior design and the principal characteristics of this atemporal style.

What Defines Mid-Century Style

Mid-Century Style is defined by several factors. The style gives us clean lines, gentle organic curves, a passion for different materials and shapes.

This style is from the mid-1930s to mid-1960s, he survived events like wars uproot and destruction. However, the quality of this style particular is timeless and appreciated for everyone to our current days.


What makes him so distinctive

This particular style has some distinguishing features, that consist of a classic, understated look, and clean lines with minimal fuss.

Keep in mind, functionality is important as form follows function. Space need to be uncluttered and have sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms.

It also has minimal ornamentation and an exploration of different, and sometimes contrasting materials.


Know your colors and materials

For color and materials, we have in this category wood, and non-traditional materials such as metal, glass, vinyl, and plywood.

As for colors there is a wide range that could be neutral to gold and graphic use like black and white.

Don´t forget the strong shapes, textures, and patterns, that reflect exactly what is mid-century style.

Know the history and break the mystery

Understand the distinguishing features of the style, and find pieces that echo that.

Iconic pieces from that period of time have been adapted and copied endlessly, and chances are that you might be able to find pieces that fit your lifestyle needs.

Buying vintage furniture is one way to do it, and even if you decide to buy new, generally one large piece can set the tone nicely.

It does not have to be a set, but avoid too many patterns and stay within a color range, especially for wood.


How can you have a mid-century modern living


As we know this style history speaks for itself. The style is a design trend that influences the world with his unique design inspirations.

To a unique style, you need unique items. Choose a few different items in different shapes and colors, and you will get a perfect mid-century look.

Nowadays, structurally, mid-century modern homes tend to be open plan and use alternative room dividers such as central fireplaces in living rooms. This makes space feel larger and allows light to be bounced around the rooms unlimited.

Another detail is marble, you can see it in countertops and splashbacks.

Marble was considered initially intended to look expensive and modern. However, now it is simply an elegant and hardwearing choice for countertops.



As for color schemes, you can combine white and pale neutral walls with bold, colorful accents.

The pale walls accentuate ay bold features to the room, making them appear more expensive and luxurious.

The accents that you can use need to be bright and contrast against the neutral walls.


If you won’t be more traditionally, the colors mustard yellow, moss green, and tangerine orange are seen as the main accent colors to define the mid-century modern décor.



Wood is the go-to material for furniture to this style. The best part is that the furniture doesn’t even have to match exactly with each other.

The furniture must include bold fabrics with graphic patterns and clean lines.

However, the sofas tend not to pattern, so instead choose to include patterned cushions to continue the style.

As an iconic choice for your furniture is the egg chairs if you have one you are in 60’s mid-century style.

They are also in these days a symbol of chic sophistication and charm and are now more affordable to have in your own home.


One characteristic is to have a piece of art in each room. Big, bold and expensive statement canvases that are intended to be the focus of the room.

If you identify the main colors in the piece, you can then incorporate that as your accent color throughout the room, trying the color scheme together.

Another way is to use pendant light shades and lamps or creative mirror frames. These are timeless features of this style and add a little creativity to your home.


An important detail about the lighting, are always bold and creative.

For this style, the lighting tends to be hanging lights (as opposed to wall-mounted or contemporary downlighters) with an artistic purpose.

Using multiple lamps is also encouraged, whether they be floor lamps or table lamps, as an example you com use tripod floor lamps fit in well with this style of décor.




In particular don’t have an abundance of accessories as it has little clutter and focuses more on big expensive pieces of furniture over smaller, cheaper knick-knacks.

There’s instead minimal simple vintage accessories in particular places such as the coffee table.

It depends on the project but the plants and the biophilia at the space, give more character and charisma for the ambiance.

Inspiration design books hope you liked this article and help you to understand better this style. Read also about modern classic style.

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