Alongside Flack Studios Sivan’s transformed the almost 150 years old house into his 3 bedroom home with the goal to preserve its soul and Victorian-era origins essences. Troye Sivan Mellet…

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Troye Sivan’s Victorian Melbourne Home

Alongside Flack Studios Sivan’s transformed the almost 150 years old house into his 3 bedroom home with the goal to preserve its soul and Victorian-era origins essences.

Troye Sivan Mellet was born in Johannesburg on the 5th of June of 1995. Is a talented South African-Australian singer, songwriter, actor, and also YouTuber.

TB_SIVAHOUSE_Photography by Anson Smart

Since 2014, Troye has dedicated himself exclusively to his music career, having released the EPs TRXYE in 2014, Wild in 2015, and In a Dream in 2020, as well as studio albums. As an actor, he played the character of Wolverine as a young man in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine starred in the South African trilogy Spud and participated in the film Boy Erased.

Sivan left LA where he still maintains a home, due to the covid to spend time back home with his family. But something shifted, and suddenly he decided to let the roots grow where he felt safe, warm, and familiar – Australia.
A creative mind at such a young age found the perfect balance between home and a soulful place.
All he wanted were a place where anyone could feel welcome, comfortable, without undervalued style, and his love for vintage design.

Full of diffuse lamps Troye Sivan’s living room is the main area to feel his touch and particular taste. The cork ceilings are around the house and is an element of heritage.

TB_SIVAHOUSE_Photography by Anson Smart

The house itself is a genuine architectural treasure. Raised in 1869 as a handball court, was almost 80 years late converted into a brick factory in 1950 and then thereafter transformed into a residence in 1970 by well-known Australian architect John Mockridge.

At one first plan, was to preserve the original structure but Sivan and Flack end up making a few changes:

TB_SIVAHOUSE_Photography by Anson Smart
Guest Bathroom

His kitchen and baths were completely renovated. The soft walls of Venetian plaster add an aglow aspect to an interior that drives through the industrial to organic, and an outdoor wine cellar in the garden was converted into a fantasy guest bathroom that he describes with mystic cave and dramatic disco vibes.

“You can picture Mockridge and his friends sitting around drinking whiskey and talking about art. I wanted to preserve that bohemian spirit and honor the original architecture while creating something that feels like me,”
Sivan says.

His garden keeps all its wild virtue, big greens, in a balanced confusion while emerging to relax the area that welcomes family and friends.

On the middle floor of the victorian house, also exists a guest room and his sister’s bedroom with a private bathroom, which Troye exhibits with joy and proudness the green tone stone, and golden brass hardware details but those do not conquer the first place. That one is kept for a long louver, sky view that brightens up the place with magic natural light.

In this same area remains a mezzanine, where the house owner has his workspace. But is upstairs where Troye keeps his secrets.

Mezzanine and Troye’s workspace
TB_ SILVAN_Photo Anson Smart

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