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New Minimalism – Focus on what’s matter

In an era when consumption becomes almost inevitable, and trends are the rule, New Minimalism, something to talk about has arrived.

A trend that caught and spread worldwide. Best of all is the mindset.
Behind this incredible shift that aims to stay, there is a shift in our view of consumption and accumulation. The rule is easy, make an intentional life.


Out with the unnecessary!

Now that so many objects have been eliminated from our homes, the minimalist aesthetic is finally within reach.
The challenge of this new style is to move forward with the “less is more” mindset. That said, the next step is to evaluate all the objects around us. List and separate all those we actually use every day. Only the indispensable ones. Clothes, sheets, furniture, gadgets, utensils (kitchen, DIY…).

Let’s be honest, only the ones we actually use! By the way, that quilt that came from her aunt’s house is just taking up space, isn’t it?
After it’s done comes the hardest part. All the objects we keep for sentimental value. We were surprised by the number of things we keep, many that we didn’t even remember existed because they meant something.
Children’s painting works, clothes, photos, dolls, books, finally a lot of things, which we could consciously select and let go. But today’s minimalism is different from the clean-lined perfection of the past. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, authors of theminimalists.com, describe minimalism as ‘Freedom from overwhelming. Freedom from the trappings of consumer culture. A tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important.’

The new minimalism is about a small selection of carefully curated, meaningful objects. As interior designer Ilse Crawford says, ‘Everything matters, nothing is too small to care about, and actually those are the things we should care about more than the big things. Good design makes a difference.’

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