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Amanda Lindroth is Beach Vibes

Amanda Lindroth will bring the energy and summer vibes inside your home.
From entire projects to her own line of products, Amanda Lindroth is clearly a beach girl!

Living in the 70’s as a teen, Amanda experienced South Florida at an enchanting moment.
Everything about that era from the style, architecture and climate had a lasting influence on her style.

Through her 20’s, Amanda lived in Paris, worked for WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY and W MAGAZINE in NY and was head of PR for Gucci in London.

In her 30’s, Amanda moved to Nassau and applied her design eye to her own homes and then to properties associated with her husband’s development company, and eventually for friends who became clients.

Timeless interiors layered with comfort and effortless elegance. The perfect detailed summer home for every occasion. Her firm now has 3 decorating offices in Nassau, Palm Beach and Charleston with clients on both coasts and throughout the Caribbean. Amanda is a lover of classical architecture especially that which has been adapted for tropical climates.

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