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Top 10 Extravagant Bedrooms

Besides their functional, bedrooms are also great aesthetic features and should be the mirror of us and what we represent. Everybody wants a little of extravagance, detail and sometimes something bold to add to the bedroom. So today we have a Top 10 os extravagant Bedrooms so you can be inspired and take some ideas to yourself.

This guest suite brings elegance and allure. We can see the classical style and detailed design all over it. By looking to this we can see an idea of enchanting hideaway featuring walls lined in silk denim, a headboard in a Rose Cummings damask and some vintage touches on the lamps.

In this bedroom we can travel to time, we can see that this bedroom it’s casual yet sumptuous. The color of the wall, rug and fabrics were chosen to enhance the original hand-painted ceiling. The mix of furniture style gives a relaxed attitude to this bedroom. We can also see the olive hue and curated pieces, which include bed and armchairs, a marble table, the lamps, the sofa all with some vintage touch.

This bedroom makes me laugh and actually is a comedians master bedroom he wanted a home when we can felt vintage and whimsical with an onslaught of color and pattern layered with reckless abandon, as we can see by the image above. And then they lined the walls with hand.painted stripes and brought in a colorful vintage mix that includes an elegant chaise longue and coral nightstands. And the decor is incredible.

But not every bedroom is beautiful only use bright colors, the warm and dark hues are good too. We can see this only by looking to the image above. We can see the bed, the draperies and the walls in elegant gray fabrics. We are in love with this combination.

Do you want a dramatic room? This is a good option for you, with decadent touches, such as money washes wallpaper, a vintage Murano snowflake chandelier, and a massive 19th-century giltwood mirror. It’s almost like a dark cocoon that would feel protected and restful. Always with a vintage touch.

Continuing with the dark side of the decoration, this bedroom reflects his high-contrast approach to the spaces, from the white foyer to the deep-brown dining room.

Wit and whimsy are part of Ken Fulk’s signature design. As we can see by this bedroom, with a touch of the reminiscent Victorian era. The fantastical wallpaper serves as a great backdrop to an iron canopy bed while vibrant reupholstered mid-century chairs and a silver garden stool inject a dose of sparkle.

This bedroom is a combination of a husband and wife differing modern and traditional tastes. We can see the presence of a blend of hard and soft elements to marry the two aesthetics of the couple with confines a pre-existing French country architecture. This bedroom transmits a dramatic ebony Baroque but also have beautiful details and touches.

For me, this room reflects a passage of time. It was used the calm, neutral palette and antiques that eas made of neutral materials that age beautifully over time.

And last but not least an elegant eclectic hideaway for an archeologist, channeling an explores vibe. The inspiration for this ambiance was a large format Ammonite that is drawing and hung on the wall.

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