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The heart of the home – Kitchen Inspirations

The Kitchen is by many considered to be the heart of the home, a place of bonding experiences. It should be versatile and ready to endure trough life for many years.

So if you are starting a new kitchen project or just renewing your kitchen, considere these new inspirations into your design project.

Open Shelves are be a big inspiration, a different way to keep safe and showcase everyday items. They open the kitchen by floating around and making your eye travel trough them.

It’s all about the light, so maybe consider using bulbs with a twist. From silver to gold finishes you can easily change your light and match or contrast by using coloured tipped bulbs.

Textures and colours are always changing, but a great backsplash or countertop is always going to be a good option to create an impact. From the already beloved marble to quartz or nano glass alternatives there are a lot to choose from these days.


But if you want to surprise everyone change your ceiling. A not so in your face everyday change, that can be a fun surprise and a great detail. You can play up or down, bring the colours or the materials, bring your inner glamour and finish your project in style.




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