" /> The Arts Club London by Dimore Studio

The Arts Club London by Dimore Studio

It’s not the first time we talk here in Inspiration about Dimore Studio so today we bring to you The Arts Club London, a placed design by the team, you can see the other article we did about them here.

The brilliant interior design of Leo’s, a supper club and Night Club hidden away on the lower floor of The Arts Club London. Mind you, it isn’t just your typical club, besides sporting an impressive historical background.
The Arts Club itself was, after all, founded by one of England’s most celebrated and world-famous artists, a little-known Sir by the name of Charles Dickens (you might have heard of him) – the top floor of the building also houses one of Mayfair’s most central and prestigious boutique Hotels, and it is just up the stairs!

Leo’s halls are besmeared from wall to door with a sense of artistic finesse and mid-century, which invariably transposes whoever dares inside right in the middle of 50s and 60s, and if one’s eyes are trained, one might just catch glimpses of modernity, that turn of the century infectious vigor and style of the early 20s.

Everything from the counter, the stage, to the booths, is bound to relax you nigh instantly, Leo’s Club just has this most pleasant and alluring quality to its composition. It is truly a testament to the monumental yet sober, design philosophy of Dimore Studio.

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