" /> Superyacht Design Symposium pushes the bounds of luxury

Superyacht Design Symposium pushes the bounds of luxury

To launch a new category here on the blog we bring to you a Superyacht Design Symposium to pushes the bounds of luxury

In the Superyacht Design Symposium, the annual event is designed to attract owners, makers, and designers of superyachts, one of the most complex and unusual modes of transport ever devised. For each and every one of these hundred million pound vessels are, by their very nature, prototypes, envisaged, designed and executed for one single client.

Superyacht design is increasingly reliant on close collaborations between the client, designer, and maker. Ultimately, the likes of shipyard owners like Peter Lürssen, have to smooth the way for all parties. The designer and manufacturer are still kept relatively separate in the nautical world. Lürssen did employ an in-house designer in the 1990s, but experience proved that clients tend to prefer diversity and the company needed to offer a wide selection of designs.

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