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The work space of our dreams by Aspekt Office

Aspekt Office based in Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the most well know design studios by the nordic design fans. The design studio owned by Terkel Skou Steffensen and Hans Toft Hornemann work in order of every aspect of design, going from furniture, product, interior design and some other projects.

The designers keeped their genuinely taste for the modern and simple lines, as well as the functionality.
In their new project for WORK & CO, they were challenged to provide to the employers a new work space.

And the result is here.


At a first sign we can tell how bright and calm the space is. The neutral tons and wood, the concrete, and the soft textures mixed together in perfect harmony. The whole office calls for team work.

Aspekt Office did not put aside the lunch break time, witch made it to be a social and informal moment for the team with the central big wood kitchen table.




All the spaces reflect a minimal design and the combination of everything together match exactly with WORK & CO company energy.

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