" /> “Mirror Mirror on the wall” Luxury Mirrors to give life to your bathroom

“Mirror Mirror on the wall”- Luxury Mirrors to give life to your bathroom

A mirror for most of us it’s the first thing we face in the morning. But how about we change a bit and put a gorgeous and Luxury Mirror on our bathroom so we can feel like a princess wich morning?

Mirrors are one of the few things that can help you create visual “tricks” to transform a room, no matter what you’re working with. I wanted to go through a few of my favorite ways to use mirrors to make a room look bigger and more luxurious. I love using these tricks with clients homes and in my own space.

Mirrors add light to your interior, just like windows did. You are free to use them in any place in your home. A well-placed mirror gives a room a bright and an open feeling. To get the most out of mirrors, it’s important that you pair the right mirror with the right location, in this case on your bathroom.

Create an illusion of depth and space with designer mirrors, tailor-made to your own specifications. An ideal solution for every room in your home.” – Juliettes Interiors

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