" /> Mana Restaurant a celebration of British Cuisine

Mana Restaurant a celebration of British Cuisine

Chef Simon Martin opens his own space, the Mana restaurant in Manchester, in a historically industrial area, its handsome red-brick buildings and sympathetic new builds have become a persuasive draw for creative, often international, restaurateurs seeking to tap into the city’s burgeoning progressive food scene.

The name Mana means “The power of the elemental forces of nature embodied in an object or person.”

Cheshire-based studio James Roberts Design headed up Mana’s interiors, with a brief to create a space that explores the power of elemental forces. The result is a restaurant that borrows from places of worship, not just in design but atmosphere. The eight-meter-high ceilings are captivatingly cathedral-like, while pendant lighting from Brokis creates arresting architectural lines that seem to sway in contemplation with the passing breeze.

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