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What about the rug | Kid’s Bedroom

What about the rug | Kid’s Bedroom

A kid’s room should convey the most tranquil sensations. It is the place of the house where this child must be represented at all levels. But without forgetting, it still has to be playful.

When deciding on your decor, there are many factors that must be taken into account.

The 3 Easy S: Storage, Security and Style!

The Bed, bedside table, closets, desks because it is also necessary to study, curtains. And then what about the rug? It’s a yay or a nay? Maybe not easy to maintain clean, with all the creativity in the room, but it brings for sure the comfortable aspect into the room.

To help you decide whether or not to go for it here are some great options. Between colors, shapes and paylfulness, match your kid aesthetic with these styles and let them have fun.



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