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Art for your Kid’s rooms

Let’s be honest, kids room’s it is probably not the first place we think about when art is on the table. We may mention entryways, living and dining rooms, even our own bedroom. Kids are often out of the plan in the art section. But why?

Let us give them the color, the inspiration, and the audacity to be the new Picasso if they want (as soon as the walls are safe).

There are many options for all tastes and budgets. From posters to paints or illustrations, we will guide you through artists and ways to make it work.


Here is #1 @AFILLUSTRAIONS. The Brazilian pop digital artist that your walls make their all scream with joy and positive vibes. Using her iPad better than anyone Antónia claims colors is the key to great artwork. Pink is often present and the background, well that’s her creativity speaking.

#2 Kathryn Macnaughton’s abstract paintings are compositional and textural experiments in acrylic paint. They are also canvases of contradiction: at once contemporary and timeless, flat and sculptural, compiled and uniform, static and unmistakably alive.


#3 @Tyler Spangler is a digital artist based in California. Through his work, he plays with color and animation, often interposing bright color with aged black and white photos— merging different worlds together and bringing old-fashioned two-dimension photography into the age of color and gifs.

#4  Lisa Congdon is an internationally known fine artist, illustrator and writer. She makes art for clients around the globe. She is the host of the podcast The Lisa Congdon Sessions and she teaches Creative Entrepreneurship at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Lisa is self-taught and didn’t achieve momentum in her career until she was nearly 40 years old.

Now let’s have another side. Probably some of us are not as much into this pop culture so with one more simple and neutral palette?

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