" /> Inside Hotel Saint-Marc by Dimore Studio

Inside Hotel Saint-Marc by Dimore Studio

Dimore Studio was founded in 2003 by the two Italians Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, they combined their individual experience and knowledge and created this studio of Design, Art, and Fashion.

Immerse in the vibrant patterns and retro colors this eclectic Hotel aesthetics is a mix the of the Art Deco era with a vintage vibe. The Studio was selected to design that charm of yesteryear and incorporate a fresh style into the spaces, adapting the architectural details to a concept that mixes vintage with original creations made to measure.

The Hôtel Saint-Marc, located in Paris, it is a building dating from 1791, which has been part of major social and architectural transformations.

In the lobby, guests are welcomed by a combination of white and black marble, in the purest French tradition. Refined tones and furnishings in sumptuous velvet create a warm feeling in the common areas. Some accessories and custom furniture pieces were made to contrast classical architecture and to the art deco elements present. Composed of 25 rooms for the interior the design studio created for each one of them a private area for each visitor to take ownership of the place.

They use 6 base colors that alternate in each room, ranging from a mustard tone to a green pine.


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