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Devoción – LOT Office for Architecture Designs

The coffeehouse Devoción has returned with a 1,700-square-foot space on the ground level of a luxury residential building near the borough’s bustling downtown corridor. Greek-American firm LOT Office for Architectures pear headed interiors that honor local traditions and mother nature in equal measure.

Devoción was infused with traditional motifs and vignettes that evoke casual streetside scenes. Handmade cement tile flooring in traditional patterns sets the mood, with eye-catching geometric shapes continuing upward through perforated brick-lined walls.

The 40-seat cafe’s shining for a moment, however, is the indoor tropical garden that light’s up space. Created by plant wall design, it boasts more than 35 unique plant species—fishtail palms, carambola trees, and watermelon peperomias among them—that gather light via expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. Presiding within are vintage armchairs that local artisans sanded and finished in, a coffee stain.

It’s a beautiful and inspiring place to visit.

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