" /> A stunning Secret Cocktail Lounge Bar

A stunning Secret Cocktail Lounge Bar

The gorgeous part of interior design projects is that the sky is the limit when it comes to having ideas to transform a place. So today we present to you a stunning secret cocktail lounge bar Apotheke located in Los Angeles.

Overlooked by a barbed wire fence and a fierce street-art mural. Outside, the 1930s structure is freshly painted white brick. Inside, comes the surprise: an environment that could double as a Wes Anderson set.

An embroidered fabric lines the wall to the restrooms, the women’s space glamorous in hot pink. The building’s main asset was its double-gable ceiling. Tierney gilded the underside of beams and whitewashed the structure above.

It’s difficult to choose the favorite furnishings. It could be the Biedermeier settee (an inspiration for the mattress-ticking banquettes), the sconces that look as if they are fashioned from a chemistry set, their beakers full of absinthe-colored liquid or even the Murano chandelier. Everything is well pulled it together.

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