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5 amazing places with an Incredible Interior Decoration for Tea Time

As the England tradition said the afternoon is the perfect time to have a good cup of tea. So we pick up 5 amazing places so you can have your tea with an incredible interior decor. We can join the two worlds our love for interior design and pastries.

1. Ritz

For a good afternoon tea, you have the Ritz, it’s a place with a good worldwide reputation.
The room is full of exquisite interior decorations, since the dazzling mirrors and the birdcage chandeliers, to the substantial flower displays. This room’s a synonym of glamours interior decor that you can only find in high society hotels.

2. Victoria & Albert café

Glamorous its also a good adjective to describe the room of Victoria & Albert café. This place is considered the world’s leading museum of art and design an I think that you can see why… Every room has a story, an inspiration! This one reminds us of something more traditional because the interior decoration is inspired by the high Victorian style decor… and its something that you can check with your own eyes.

3. The Palace Lounge, of Ruben’s hotel

In a different perspective but a gorgeous place as well he has The Palace Loung of Ruben’s Hotel. This hotel is inspired by the Royal Mews of Bucking Palace. The mixture of the colored and brown, with the Empire-themed interior decor, gives you an exquisite but comfortable place to enjoy the oldest England tradition.

A place where you can have royalty afternoon tea, with their famous delicious freshly made cakes and pastries with your tea.

4. Claridge’s

Tea time in Claridge’s it’s all about the excellent taste. The interior designers made the room look elegant and informal, at the same time, so you will feel comfortable in it. The arch in the room gives reminds of antique architecture but the table and chair choice give a more modern look to the area. The flowers bouquet its a final touch to a pleasant environment, and that’s why they have been serving tea for 150 years!

5. W London Leicester Square – Luxury Hotel

And last but not least we present something different. If you are more into a contemporary design vibe, then you need to go to the library lounge, at the W London Leicester Square, Luxury Hotel.

In there you can enjoy your delicious pastries, in a punk theme environment. The mixture of bold colors in the interior decoration gives to the room a bold, unique contemporary look.

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