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Zendaya’s New Luxury Apartment NYC

Oh New York, always so shining and full of life. No wonders you the 24 years old actress Zendaya is so in love with you.  The star of Euphoria and Spider-Man: Arrival is one of the lucky new residents of the coveted Quay Tower, a new building located in Brooklyn, New York.

According to local journals, Zendaya her new 190-square-meter apartment for $4.9 million. Three bedrooms and three bathrooms, waterfront apartment and plus, the views of the Manhattan skyline and the harbor from every room are poetry.

Traveling between the Big Apple and the West Coast, Zendaya still needed a place to lodge so she rents a Los Angeles apartment for $16,000 a month, according to StreetEasy. Zendaya’s new home has its own private elevator and is great for celebrities looking for a more intimate retreat in New York.

The architect Robert Levine, the man responsible for bringing it to life, said he had the idea of making private elevators after he learned that singer Mariah Carey had bought one for her apartments. But that she had to use the elevators intended for cargo so as not to draw too much attention and cause confusion in the condo.

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Photo: Reproduction/Evan Joseph

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