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Best Lighting ideas to make your living room more stunning

We love a good light in a living room is one of the most important details don’t you think? A living room should always be a cozy and welcoming space in our homes, where our guests can feel comfortable, or just relax with the company of a good book and a cup of tea. So let’s start to show you the best lighting idea to make your living room more stunning.

Layers of light

The first tip that you can follow to give the perfect illumination to your Modern living room lighting is to create light layers. In fact, a combination of suspension lights, sconces, and floor lamps will bounce illumination throughout the whole room and will eliminate shadows.

Floor lamps

The use of floor lamps is another smart move to illuminate your living room. On the one hand, in fact, they allow you to create some direct lighting in certain areas of the room and on the other hand, they can be used as decor, since their available in many shapes and styles.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are certainly more modern than the classical chandelier, though they allow you to obtain a similar effect in the room.  Additionally, they come in different design and materials and, therefore, they can fit perfectly in the style of your living room. Pendant lights can provide illumination closer to where it’s most needed and they also are a point of visual interest.

Table lamp

Though many of you might think that table lamps are only for a bedroom, we assure that they can provide a cozy and warm atmosphere to your living room, too.


Chandeliers surely represent an evergreen among lighting fixtures. They capture eyes’ attention and they add elegance to space. Even though they are mostly used in the classic interior, nowadays there are many modern looking chandeliers, too.

What idea do you like the most?

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