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The Bohemian House – The 3 Rules

Since Boho Chic Style is defined by laidback living, ground seating, lived-in linen fabric, and low-hanging vintage pendants will set the mood perfectly.
Is simple, stay true to your gut are don’t be afraid to take the risk.
The tranquillity of the space is the goal in this style, so with this in mind let’s go to the tips.

Nature is important.
Miles Redd​​ once said, “If I see it in nature, I know it will work in a home.” Plants are a symbol of love in a room, the need for caring and treasure all year. The boho is a style born in the 60s where love and peace were the words of power. So this says it all.
Hang them, or leave them around, just make sure you get them.

The touching feeling
Textures. The visual is important so of course the feeling that comes from it. Raw and natural material are a must have in this style.

Art is everything.
A house without art is a book without a cover. Make sense? Maybe.
You don’t need to go crazy here, but use the same frequencies and search for an artist of your interest that at the same time tells a story in your room. Fine lines draw or print, a sculpture or big simple canvas work too. Just owned them with intention.





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