" /> Stunning Apartment of the Interior Designer Ricardo de la Torre's

Stunning Apartment of the Interior Designer Ricardo de la Torre

The Interior designer Ricardo de la Torre has a stunning apartment in Madrid. This is a personal project and not one more for a client. As you can see by the images a large and luminous space in a late nineteenth-century building in the Justicia neighborhood in Madrid, where he graciously combined soft and bold colorful contrasting elements in this home design.

The living room sofa was designed by the own deRicardo La Torre, and it is very notable the love that the interior designer has for the neon hues. It contrasts beautifully with the soft pastel colors.

The result was a spacious 220 square meters opened up the place, where was four bedroom now is a very wide area with the greatest living room design. He kept the radiators, the exterior carpentry, and the pine floor, and on the ceilings, he created moldings reproducing the ones that are on the exterior of the building, which seem to have always been there. On the walls, the interior designer opted for a greenish-white tone for “soberness”.

You can see that space is filled with great home decor ideas, the interior designer used not so subtle colorful details to give a splash of dazzling tones to this area. It’s a kaleidoscope-colored room!

The building used to be the office of a publisher, divided into a lot of small rooms covered of old floors. So de la Torre took almost all the walls down to open up space, and mostly because he did not like it. He also extended and made the ceiling higher.

It’s definitely a stunning apartment, isn’t it?

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