" /> Stéphanie Coutas Creates Refined Bathroom Collection

Stéphanie Coutas Creates Refined Bathroom Collection

We love this project so much that we decide to share with you. The experienced Parisian interior designer, Stéphanie Coutas (best known for her neoclassical and contemporary style) joined forces with the renowned bathroom manufacturer, THG Paris to create a refined bathroom collection.
In an astonishing bathroom concept, Montaigne is comprised of a series of bathroom fittings and accessories. Marble was Coutas’ weapon of choice and the final result is simply outstanding.

The bathroom is my favorite living space in the house, the place where I like to relax after a long day of work I enjoy refined bathrooms that combine materials such as marble, glass, brass, and bronze.” Stéphanie Coutas

This unique collection was inspired by the of transformation. Coutas and THG Paris are experts in using raw materials such as brass and marble to truly create the best bathroom set possible. Taking into consideration the traditions of French Luxury, Coutas was able to create these materials into contemporary objects of decor and design.

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