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How to Get a Mid Century Entryway

The style mid century give us clean lines, gentle organic curves, a passion for different materials and designers that are idolized to this days.  However, the quality of this style particular is timeless and appreciated for everyone to our current days.

How can you have a Mid-Century entryway?

There are always aspects in common with all entryways with the mid-century style.  Starting with the furniture, the console always in a wood material (sometimes could have some details in gold, metal, glass or plywood).

Although in 90% of the entries the colors chosen are always neutral, there is always a highlighted color, for example, the color “teal” is a good bet for a minimalist style without being too “clean”.

In other cases the wooden console or a sofa and the mirror will highlight the space, even the wall of the entryway is in the color white.

In most of the examples collected the mirror is always round and large, placing the remaining objects used for its decoration in a more minimalist and simple.


For simple tastes is a perfect choice don’t you think?

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