" /> Kristina Uspenieva Emphasizes Luxury in a Penthouse Apartment

Kristina Uspenieva Emphasizes Luxury in a Penthouse Apartment



Today we bring to you the work of the interior designer Kristina Uspenieva. She transforms a Luxury Penthouse apartment, you will see by the images that are a dream house. The project consists of a family of four that moves to a penthouse apartment on the 25th floor (incredible right?), on a new building in the southwest of Russia. It was a challenge for the interior designer.

“Such a residence is a privilege, and I knew I must emphasize the status of the owner,” she says. “And the functional division of space is very important. It should be convenient for everyone.”

Uspenieva tackled the former by incorporating luxurious marble throughout the 2,475 square feet. In the lobby, she used Arabescato Orobico. “You fall in love with this kind at once,” she says, “it bewitches you.” As did the Soda Homedecor handles on the hallway’s Rimadesio doors, which she finds “incredibly, simply fascinating.”

For the latter, she created divisions with light, including on the 1,100-square-foot terrace, accessible via the living room. “I’m sure it will be a favorite place for parties,” she says, for those privileged enough to score an invite.

Can you see the incredible view that the family has on the 25th floor?

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