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How to get a Mid Century Living Room

We know that mid-century style comes to stay, and if you identify yourself with this style, this article is for you. You can’t get enough of the clean lines, unusual patterns, and uncluttered feel, so let’s see how to get a Mid Century Living Room. You can incorporate the Mid-century modern style into your living room without splurging.

1. First things first, started for choosing your furniture lightweight, thin-framed wooden furniture is essential for a Mid-Century modern aesthetic. Opt for simple silhouettes, tapered legs, and medium-stained brown wood. To contrast, all the brown from the wood, make sure you add in plenty of pops of color or accents of white. Try mixing and matching wooden furniture with resin or plastic furniture such as tulip chairs or a transparent coffee table.

2. And don’t forget the chairs, These strikingly simple chair designs soared to popularity during the mid-twentieth century and are definitely making a modern-day comeback. The pared back to look and the slimline shape makes for the perfect piece of furniture for both small livings rooms and more lofty spaces.

3. Storage is important to you need to have some kind of storage so you can hide or exposed your books, vinyl or even your TV, choose a modular storage system, such as Ladderax, for example. This system consists of teak shelves, cupboards, drawers and pulls down cocktail units which can be positioned exactly as you wanted.

4. About the floor, if you want to get a smarter finish to your Mid-century living room flooring, opt for a real wood floor such as parquet. Wool rugs in autumnal muted tones will add texture and softness to your room – you could even hang rugs on your walls as artwork.

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5. For me, the most important step the decor. But for this, there are two essentials when it comes to the part of decorating, a sunburst clock and teak mirror (or indeed a sunburst mirror and a teak clock.) Style them together to create a feature gallery wall or choose one large piece to stand alone.

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6. Last but not least, the light in the room. During the 1960s was heavily influenced by all things cosmic so opt for anything that looks vaguely spaceship-like. The lava lamp was designed in 1963 but didn’t become popular until later in the decade. The rocket lamp made from the spun resin was a must have in the 1960s. Standing on three teak legs, the orange rocket is tall and eye-catching and lit up sends a warm glow around the room.

There you go, all you need to know to transform your living room in a Mid Century style look.

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