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How to Get a Hollywood Regency, style in your entryway

Hollywood Regency, is a style that describes both interior design and landscape architecture characterized by the bold use of color and contrast often with metallic and glass accents meant to signify both opulence and comfort.

See for example the style by the interior designer Wendy Labrum she is a is a Chicago-based interior designer and her passion for interiors was born during two years living in London and traveling throughout Europe to study the art, architecture, and fashion that comprise the building blocks of modern design.

Along the way she realized that interior spaces are often the place where all of that creativity lives. It’s where function meets form, where style coexists with practicality, and where breathtaking views aren’t just admired from afar, but experienced in intimate and tangible ways.

Some of her work and ideas for an entryway hope you like it.

entryway Wendy Labrum

entryway Wendy Labrum

entryway Wendy Labrum

entryway Wendy Labrum

entryway Wendy Labrum

How can you have an Hollywood Regency Entryway

If you want copy this style you need to now that a metallic detail is important specially if it was in gold.

You always going to have a mirror as you in this pictures,  and it can be a  princess mirror or a sun mirror, don’t forget the mirror always as a frame metallic in the most cases in gold.

Choose wisely the furniture because is going to be the center piece of the space, and it could be from black wood with handles in gold or just, or simply with geometric pattern in gold or just simple in  glass with touches of metal.

Don’t put many objects on top of the furniture, now how to divide between books or candlesticks.

And finally a touch of organic life, put a vase small or big, you need to see what is the best option, with some flowers to set the look.

Hoolywood Regency Entryway Moodboard

You can now more about the Style Hollywood Regency in here.

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