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Get the Look: Modern 8O’s Interiors

Today we are going to present how to get the best looks about 80s interior design, with more minimalist and contemporary design.

This interior design style has specific details to make the perfect balance between furniture, shapes, materials, and colors.

80s interior design

The 80s interior design might be known as the ugly era of decor, on the other hand, is excentric. Gaudy neons alongside nauseating pastels, chunky TV sets, garish tiles, and a lush abundance of tropical palms.

Nowadays is possible to create this vibe in our rooms, with a design more minimalist and more contemporary. We explain with some examples:

80s interior design

Garance Vallée – Terra Instalation

Garance Vallée imagined « Terra », an organic and dreamy interior design project conceived for a meeting room.

She focused on the connections between men and nature. She conceived everything by hand, from painted wall to the wood furniture, concrete objects, and carpet.

80s interior design

Peaches Cocktail Bar and Rooftop in Melbourne

The playful environment of peach hues and sumptuous textures and the venue’s indoor area is an oasis of Art Deco-inspired sophistication while the rooftop terrace’s cooler color palette and beach-bar vibe scream “Summer!”

From the metallic ceiling structure and exposed brick walls to the velvet upholstery and checkered floor tiling, space is a haven of candy-colored bliss.

80s interior design

“Wonder Galaxy”  By Patricia Bustos

This project is a journey into the future that explores the relationship between the future and the fantasy that makes us return to being children.

The surrealist air can help us recover that creative energy of childhood. Color is the answer to create the perfect atmosphere.

“Wonder Galaxy” is a risky and colorful dressing room. The gradients suggest a host of parallel and utopian realities in which we could live if we wanted.

80s interior design

Oak Tree House by Kennedy Nolan Studio

The house is distinctive for its mature Oak tree which towers above the garden and a red steel brise-soleil which performs many functions, including that of sun-shading.

Color is the main visual quality in this project. So this project has a personal color palette that has applied in all different areas.

The interiors range from the dramatic to the tranquil using concentrations of color in varying intensities.

PURO Hotel in Łódź – Poland

Where retro and contemporary references meet a post-industrial chic aesthetic the result is a forward-looking hotel that interweaves past and present to project a picture of the future.

Characterized by the strong color palette, the furniture and the choice of materials, the main strength of this hotel is the cinema.

However, it also stands out for having an eclectic collection of works of art. Including fine art photography, retro movie posters and contemporary paintings spread across public spaces and guest rooms.

80s interior design

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