" /> 10 Exquisite suspension lamps for rectangular dining tables

10 Exquisite suspension lamps for rectangular dining tables

@Random Suspension Lamp | Cassoni

Today inspiration brings to you 10 exquisite suspension lamps for rectangular dining tables. Choosing the right pendant or suspension lamp for your dining table can be tricky. You want it to make a decorative statement, provide enough light for the table and avoid unwanted glare. Much of the functionality of dining table suspension lamps can be controlled through proper height placement and choosing the right materials (transparent glass for an all-around glow versus opaque metal for more downward focused light). After that, the exact style is a simple matter of taste. Fortunately, there are plenty of modern pendant lights out there to create the dramatic look and lighting effect you want in your dining room. You can some example on the images of this article.

@Bamboo III Suspension | Creativemary
@Colt Pendant Light | Bert Frank
@Matheny Snooker Suspension Gallery


@Clavius Suspension Lamp | Cassoni
@Rectangular Chandelier | Harlow Crystal


@Ike Ceiling lamp | Delightful

The suspension or pendant above your dining table isn’t always the only light fixture in the room but it probably will be the most visible and make the biggest impact. “Dining table pendants really center the space and give it a focal point, much like kitchen pendants do for counters and islands,” says interior designer Raychel Wade. “On a practical level, they provide direct light to an area that needs it.”

@Ike Pendant Lamp | Delightul

@Triarc Pendant – Bert Frank
@Zephyr LED Linear Suspension | Lumens Light and Living
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