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The Cool Boho Entryway

There is a lot of references, especially on Pinterest, about this style of Entryways. It’s so easy to remake it that it is also easy to blow it away and end up with something not new and quite “wannabe”.

The goal is to achieve a cool, unique boho style, chic and calm. So make it worth it.

An entryway should be a space in the house where style is mandatory but as the name says, is an entrance so functional is also a priority. In the rush of a busy day, we all want to make that last glance look at our outfit, face or hair so a mirror is always a good start.
Make it big, no matter the size of the room, if the wall can support a big mirror it will make space looks bigger and the style more iconic.
Another piece of investment is the console. The functional piece should be simple and make of raw materials. Use a ceramic bowl as a place to drop the keys and combine it with a nice table lamp, some table books, or a trendy jar full of leaves or dead nature.

If space allows it keep in mind that an ethnic rug can make a lot to dictate the style.
Materials as wood, ceramic and jute are a bet that will for sure lead you to the final.
















































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