You got the house but you missed the door? Let us help you on this one. Entry doors are the first impression of your house. Because the front entrance of…

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Doors the first impression of your house

You got the house but you missed the door? Let us help you on this one.

Entry doors are the first impression of your house. Because the front entrance of your home commands the most attention from the street, but make sure it’s stylish and does the job.  We know that most entry doors support keeping us safe. But is that all?
Let us see. the materials they’re made of each have strengths and weaknesses.

Types of Entry Doors
Major door manufacturers such as Masonite, Peachtree, and Pella offer a wide range of doors made of various materials. Here are the types of door materials to consider.

A practical choice for most people. These doors are available with a smooth surface or, more typically, an embossed wood-grain texture. An edge treatment on some makes them look more like real wood.

This type of door accounts for about half the market.
Pros: They’re relatively inexpensive and can offer the security and weather resistance of much pricier fiberglass and wood doors. Steel doors require little maintenance—unless dents are a part of your home scenario. They’re energy-efficient, though adding glass panels cuts their insulating value.
Provides the high-end look that other materials try to mimic.
Pros: Solid-wood doors were best at resisting wear and tear in our tests. They’re also the least likely to dent, and scratches are easy to repair.
Cons: Wood doors remain relatively expensive. And they require regular painting or varnishing to look their best.
Glass inserts are attractive, but they add to the cost. If you’re buying a door with glass near the doorknob or with glass sidelights, consider a double-cylinder deadbolt lock. You need a key to open this type of lock whether you’re inside or outside, so a burglar can’t simply break the glass and reach in to open the door. Some municipalities ban double-cylinder locks since they may make it harder to get out in an emergency; check with your building department, and always leave a key within arm’s reach of the interior lock. Glass inserts also cut the door’s insulating value, though double- or triple-panel glass reduces that effect.

Energy Efficiency
Steel and fiberglass doors typically have more insulating value than wood doors. Models that are Energy Star-qualified must be independently tested and certified, and often boast tighter-fitting frames, energy-efficient cores, and, for models with glass, double- or triple-panel insulating glass to reduce heat transfer.

Don’t Forget.. STYLE
The rest is been said but keep in mind, your door will open and close many times. Lead you to new days and opportunities. Match it with your style and make it intemporal.

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