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Be Bold or Go Home – Entryway Luxury Penthouse

Light, sophistication, and boldness. In a big luxurious entryway, defying the terms of aesthetic. An interior design, that “wows” the eyes of those who visit it. Elevates standards and fascinate the most, by the contrast of each piece and symmetry well played.


Pietra Round By Boca do Lobo

Simple yet marvelous. The Pietra table features a timeless experience through its classical aura and finest Estremoz white marble. Combine function and sculptural.

Hera Round II Suspension Lamp by Boca do Lobo

As the Queen of the Greek Gods, Mother of Nature, and the embodiment of Honour and Maternity, Hera represents the blossom of a golden new era full of life and inspiring beauty.  This suspension lamp is the perfect balance between modern and classic. Strong and delicate, mythological and magic.

Embracing the entire luxury entryway,  the iconic and exclusive Heritage Sideboard is placed on both sides. And is the key piece, as is the only element with color to an almost monochromatic environment. Made of hand-painted tiles, through an ancient Portuguese technic. The bespoke large round mirrors hanging on the wall with gold frames, give the space dimension and the Midas touch that connects everything.


Heritage Sideboard By Boca do Lobo

The tile is an iconic craft in Portugal that has adopted them like no other country. In honor of this cultural technic, Boca do Lobo created Heritage Sideboard. Hand-painted tiles have gained a privileged place in architecture throughout the centuries.

Halo Mirror by Boca do Lobo

Set of three mirrors, that allows clients to be creative by freely placing them. The big mirrors with different shapes have an elegant gold frame accent, perfect for contemporary interiors and elegant rooms.


Hera Suspension Lamp by Boca do Lobo

Just like the previous Hera Round II Suspension Lamp, you are now meeting the main character. The lighting fixture is molded to resemble the features and look of a golden branch. Handmade from cast brass, this chandelier has an organic shape and elaborate contemporary details in a harmonious ensemble. Proper for sophisticated living and dining rooms.

Angra By Boca do Lobo

The body is fully black. The high gloss makes this piece and element of vanity in the room. And the unexpected curved golden base made from hammered polished brass, inspired by the cliffs of the historical city of Angra do Heroismo in Azores island, Portugal.

Cubic Sconce By Boca do Lobo

Cubic Sconces emerge as a tribute to the new style in vogue: the minimalist grace of the design allied to the Maximalism strength of the material and foundry technique used will surely be the right choice for any kind of project or room.

On the end of this large entrance is featured the modern Pietra round table, carved with mastery in white marble, the key element of this space matching the typical french floors. Illuminating the setting, a beautiful white and gold chandelier brings a contemporary design and futuristic touch to the entrance gallery. Isn’t this luxury entryway an absolute dream?

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