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Warmness in Concrete Houses

Concrete Houses, so 90’s. The challenge is to provide a home environment in raw spaces. While the concept of using concrete inside certainly isn’t new, it’s certainly a trend that is on the rise.
From the industrial style to a cozy feeling, there’s plenty of options to apply concrete. From the walls, to the floor, not letting go the furniture, “concrete is the new black”. Concrete can add an urban edge to every house. The possibilities for creative expression using concrete inside are seemingly endless.

The warmness of the room is measured by the elements.
Fireplaces, neutral tons, and soft textures provide for the living ones a sense of coziness.
Big modern sofas, bright art, plants and light are not less important when the walls scream cold. All of this combined give us a sense os positivism, attitude and even calmness.

Bright pops of color have even more impact against a concrete wall, like these stunning orange pieces of art.

However there is always the industrial lovers, when the feeling of freedom is reflect in open spaces, grey tons and of course iron.

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