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Wallpaper Trends – What is good always comes back

Oscar Wilde once said a few weeks before he passed away in a cheap hotel in Paris. “This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go.” And truth is, one single wallpaper pattern can devaste the whole room or bring it to life.

Certainly we all remember the times when our grandparents’ houses were covered with wallpaper. From the Mid-Century to the classic floral, the grandmother’s house was always a welcoming place.

Over the years the paper took off from the walls, and the interior designers opted for other techniques and materials when it came to harmonising the walls.
However, what is good always comes back, both in the fashion industry and in the interior design.
And now are plenty of options.

Simple basic colors, to floral patterns, contemporary styles in wallpaper. To the classics granny house cozy feeling or edgy millennials.

Textured paper, with high and low embossed. Fake bricks, concrete or a simple image. Nowadays there’s no limitations. But sometimes the jobs is not easy.

From unexpected stairways and powder rooms to decadent master suites and living rooms, each design conjures a different vibe: subtle romance, vibrant energy, urbane glam. Whichever resonates with you, rest assured: This wallpaper trend isn’t going anywhere.

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