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TrendBook lauches now the Trendbook Forecast Book 22/23

TrendBook is known for being a trend alert. The trendies know it best and we will help. with more than 5 book and guides of trends,  TrendBook lauches now the Trendbook Forecast Book 22/23.

The 80 pages of inspirations either in interior design and fashion will make you rejoice. A brand new book of inspirations based in 5 macro trends. Here you will find a world of new options ans perpectives. Totally out of the box, rich in color combinations, textile and material trends and a selection of interior design projects. This forecast will also include fashion trends and exclusive moodboards. All carefully created for your inspiration.

The TrendBook Forecast Book 22/23 is available only in the Digital Version, PDF only in a format of A4 size. Stay ahead when it comes to the latest trends by forecasting the future of design.

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