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The 5 most wanted Design Trends

Here are the 5 most wanted Design Trends of the year that we select to inspire you.

Is it too much? No

Maximalism is back, the mixture of patterns, colours and textures are a must have.
So do not think for a second that mixtures are a bad or confusing way of style, with the right colour pallets and right patterns you’re all set up.

Design Trends Design Trends
Check matte or 4 in line?

It’s time to stop being afraid of mixing check pattern with stripes! Picnics are cool not only outside but inside your home too!
Nude or pastel colours with these patterns are the most calming and fun environment to be.

Miguel Angelo is that you?

We’ve all already see this new trend all over our favourite Instagram influencers.
Sculptures, lamps with sculpture base, minimal objects that put our house looked like straight from a museum. Remember, your house can be really basic, but with a sculptured lamp, or a simple minimal object with a random form, you’re cool.

Primary colours are the new black!

Where could you start? Basic!
You don’t have to put your house based on Giotto’s crayons but we say yes to complement some objects.
Bold red and blue, say yes to minimal figures with these amazing and retro colours.
Put your house on “I’m cool and I know it”.

Dora the Explorer mixed with Vogue

The mixture of earthy tones with the plane and minimal is the new swipe left.
Plants, dark woods mixed with blacks, whites, etc.
Matte objects filled with beautiful plants and rustic floor, raphia rugs with a beautiful black leather chair.
Be cool, be outrageous, be “earthinimal”.

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