It is just us or the entire globe is full of hopes for next year? We guess so, and not only are full of willing to start again and reset…

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The 13 Color Trends From Pantone for 2022 Summer

It is just us or the entire globe is full of hopes for next year?
We guess so, and not only are full of willing to start again and reset this couple of pandemic years, Pantone seems to. The holy gray of colors and shades presents us with a new and full vibes Color Pallete for next Summer.
The inspiration is here, and the TrendBook Design blog collects a bucket full of inspiring pieces based on color tons for you to select and choose.

The Ultimate Grey
Simple yet mysterious, serious, and flexible. This shade of grey will bring sophistication to the room and is the only color that goes around the sunny vibes. Guess we all know by now that some clouds will open to a clear blue sky.

Purple Rose

Too bright to be Lavanda, too clear to be Purple. Just the exact perfect balance between 20% of Rose and 80%  Purple. A lively color for the ones who drive to dare. Is also a great color for children and teenagers. 

Color that no longer belongs in the girly world. A color that brings joy should not stay in closed doors. So let bring it out playful vibes, the cheerful spring, and all the summer season.

Pickled Pepper

Get closer to nature with this jungle vibes green. Fun and subtil, is a great choice for kids, grown-up and grannys. From the CEO coach to the pillow in Mom’s armchair.

Orange Ochre
Warm, audacious, and confident. The mid-century modern style says “YAY” and so do we. best combined with simple and neutral tons in specific details.


The master one. The golden hour. Summer ate the best hour of the day. The retro gold color trend is a must-get in that upholstery piece. You don’t need too much more.

A light terracotta Pantone color variation, creating neutral interiors, is one of the next top trends for the 2021-2022 interior design season.  Serene, peaceful and trustable. 

Lava Falls

A statement color. Classic and groovy at the same time. Deep and warm.  A great color for unique handmade pieces, giving a statement for your decoration.

Indigo Bunting

There is no summer without that touch of the sea. That dreamy blue. A color trend for more contemporary classic interiors, with the ocean element here represented. 

Illuminating Yellow

Like your favorite season. Sunny and vibrant. The color combo of the year, expressing life, vivacity, and positivism.

Blue Atoll

The first steps into the paradisiac beaches are always a shade lighter right? This shade of blue is life, and expresses senses. In this 2022 summer color trend, the blue atoll is subtle water feel for your home decor.

Beach Glass

Is this a baby shade? Calm, dreamy, in this Pantone color, we tend to have a more fluid interior, with no worries.

Baby’s Breath

Just like soft candy cotton that reminisces to those summer nights at the fair. The only difference, Circu swap the Big Well for a Big Hot Air Ballon Bed. And the delicate and tender tone is a match for the summer minimal aesthetic.

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