" /> Moodboard Collection | Green Forest Interior Decor Trend for 2019

Moodboard Collection | Green Forest Interior Decor Trend for 2019

Continued with the Moodboard collection here on Trendbook, today we bring the Forest Green Trend for you. Yes, you can bring the outside to the inside of your house without exaggerating and having a colorful and yet fancy place to live.


This color is not a simple color, this color can bring some luxury to your home, you only need this and some details and voilá you have the perfect ambiance to your home, with a touch of organic as well. Green is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. On the flip side, green is jealousy or envy (the green-eyed monster) and inexperience. It is a restful color with some of the same calming attributes of blue.


With the color green’s association with renewal, growth, and hope, often green stands for both a lack of experience and need for growth. Green also stands for new growth and rebirth, common in the spring season when all of the plants are coming back to life with fresh growth and life after the cold winter months.

With that in mind you can give another life to that boring part of the house you don’t like so much and if you are a nature lover this trends suit you well.
As you can see is a perfect color to use this year and the combination are endless.

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