Following trends nowadays is almost a rule. They might change fast or simply get better but some trends are iconic and totally worth following. So we bring you the best…

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Luxury Interior Design Trends 2021-2022

Following trends nowadays is almost a rule. They might change fast or simply get better but some trends are iconic and totally worth following. So we bring you the best luxury interior design projects with the latest top trends 2021-2022. An amazing partnership with brands from Covet House. Discover the trendiest inspirations room by room, within the luxury interior design world.


The secret in the details. High ceilings are a plus since you can add more decor and shape the space up. Monochrome is a great choice.






















This luxury interior design trend highlights the home office as the most elegant space.  Light tones, the marble desk and a mid-century table lamp, all by Caffe Latte.





















Living Room

Boca do Lobo made it and we say yes! This living room is the ultimate reference for every art furniture lover. The Eden center table is the bold statement that matches your personality perfectly. An interior should always be the natural projection of the soul.


















Let’s get this clear- White is never out of trens. It will continue to be the reference to take into account when decorating this space. But watch out, the excess of white color can become something cold. To avoid that, combine white with other trend colors and materials.






















Natural surfaces lead us. The elements marble and dark wood are the perfect matches. With Vellum XL Wall Light, every story you create in your home will be highlighted by the warmth of this contemporary wall light.

















Dining Room

The perfect modern table, design, and the Isadora dining chair in a partnership between Essential Home and Studio Pepe. Trendy, geometric lines and pastel colors represent the ideal choice for Mid-century decor. will make you travel back in time and it’s all happening here, in the present.











Walk-in Closet, check!

Get a finger down if: it has a comfortable rug, natural light, big armchair, enough storage, pretty ligth suspension. Yes?Them you got it all.
















Kids Room

Is normal to aspect trend towards adult rooms. But our kids deserve their space to be just as cool as them. Inspired by the famous ” Alice in Wonderland” movie and it’s the reason we can still dream while decorating our kid’s bedrooms. This incredible bedroom is ready to be every kid’s favourite place to be. Mr. Bunny Bed from CIRCU Magical Furniture, combined with the mid-century Atomic Pendant Lamp makes the perfect refugee for the little ones.



Make your bathtub the reason eyeballs jump out of leads. The inspiration came from Portuguese culture. Lapiaz Bathtub by Maison Valentina, in collaboration with Boca do Lob is made of hand-painted tiles, This is an artistic version of the already astonishing where you can find other incredible furniture design pieces featuring tiles.

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