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Kiva Brent the DIY that you want to know

Imagine if it’s possible having a 25k living room for 4k? All of us would say that’s a fairytale right? Well here is Kiva Brent, the interior expert, DIY Youtuber, Instagram influencer, and probably your new best friend.

Kiva Brent is an Interior Stylist and Youtuber personality based in Pittsburgh, PA. Everything she does has the goal to help you improve your sense of style and the way to go. Her design journey began when she moved into her first home. Us many she also struggled to find inspiration and above that, guidance. She wanted to craft a beautiful, luxurious, modern space without breaking the bank. That’s when Kiva began her Youtube channel, DIY has a shortname KB.

On Youtube, you will find “classes” of how to achieve the “luxe look for less.” Much of her content shows you how to combine luxury and affordable items in the same space. She also shares DIY home decor projects. Kiva and her Youtube channel have been featured on The Tamron Hall Show, Insider, and The Zoe Report.-

Besides the obvious talent and eye to find cheap goodies, Kiva is also a great person that will entertain you for sure. Funny and ultra charismatic her videos and Tik Tok accounting more than 200k followers on Youtube and 60k on TikTok.


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