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Design Trends: New Nordic

Written by Mariana Valença

You know that in the trends world they can either mutate or go out of fashion, so today we bring to you the Nordic Design Trend. This trend has been in for the last year and now it sofer a metamorphosis. This trend will continue to carefully combine the balance between different shades of white, clear-cut designs, minimal furniture and the use of wood.

You can see the presence of floors with pale colors, leather furniture but with a very aged appearance with a combination of wood and leather. In this trend, you will have a harmonious effect putting everything fitting in the proper places. Nordic countries are synonymous with order and living spaces must be arranged in a clear, well-designed manner.

Make sure that you have a resting spot in your lounge has a place for you to unwind – for reading or having a cup of tea, or simply a comfortable armchair beside a window. A little time for reflection helps to combat the stress of everyday life. Add a touch of one or two different colors as a contrast to the living space’s whites, blacks or wood colors. And you will have a perfect New Nordic ambiance inspired on this trend.

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