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Design Trends: Neo Mint

Written by Catia Rodrigues


Today we bring another trend to you the Design Trend Neo Mint. According to our search, this will be the color for the next year as well. But what color is this? Neo Mint is a gender-neutral color with “an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature”.





You can see that this color embodies the drive towards tones that have gender-neutral appeal. It’s a hue that succinctly aligns futuristic development with nature as you can see from the images above.


It’s a light shade that we can combine well with pastel hues and other colors schemes still subtle enough that that can be overpowering. This color can give to the ambiance a sense of optimism, like the freshness of spring which can give us a happy feeling to the home. The shade combined well with other colors like pastel blues, blushes, peaches and purples.


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