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Colors for the year

What makes trend THE trend? Here in Design Trends we show you how a simple color can launch trends for every taste. Today we bring to you the colors trends for this year. We started the year with Pantone launch Ultra Violet 18-3838 as de color of the year.

This ultra violet is a strong color (dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade) relating to, producing, or being energy that is like light but has a slightly shorter wavelength and lies beyond the violet end of the spectrum.

It can act as a dark foil for acid brights, a cool partner for hot hues and a safe anchor for delicate pastels.  Purple is made up of warm and cool elements, both blue and red. Red being very exciting and blue very relaxing and tranquillizing, but when you put the two together, you create a really interesting color and this particular purple leans a little bit more to the blue side. It’s a very creative, exciting a color, but there’s a little drama attached to it too. I think for other colors, it’s a matter of working your way around the color wheel. Ultra violet across greys of any variation – from the lightest to the darkest – is spectacular. It’s a wonderful punch of color to use across neutral tones.  Is a good for some accents around de house.  She mixed perfectly with another bold and strong color.

The second color of the year was dictated by Benjamin Moore and it’s called Caliente AF-290. Benjamin Moore is a brand that sells quality paint for every single room in the house.

Caliente is a vibrant, charismatic shade of red, caliente is strong, radiant and full of energy. The color has cinnamon undertones that make it livable, it is a red that shows confidence rather than aggression.

About using the color for your interior décor, the options seem endless, we suggest using it in a flat finish, and it is a great choice for interiors and exteriors. The overall key to success, when reds, is a proportion and ratio.

Caliente is a perfect red because the warm undertones, and mixes perfectly with other colors and patterns.  Is powerful against this ultramarine wall and keep in mind keep the red in just one item, such as wall, door, or piece of furniture.

And last but not least the Jewel Tones, deep turquoise, jade green, true pink, amethyst, citrine and emerald green, said this way  could be scary but believe they mixed perfectly together. Use a mix of matt and shiny fabrics such luxurious fabrics beautifully enhance rich jewel tones, instantly adding a touch of decadence.

Create the perfect backdrop with a key paint color, to make jewel colored accents really pop. Calm grey walls in a flat steel grey let you use jewel tones fearlessly on fabrics and accessories. Colored glass is a great way to brighten up a living space, as fragments of color dance around the room – ideal on a console table beside a window flooded by natural light.

In the case of furniture go for darker pieces, such as this black chest of drawers to make the bold jewel paint colors work harder. The dark accents highlight brighter colours by giving them more depth, providing an anchor for a colourful decorating scheme.

Add drama to walls by mixing  bold jewel tones and geometric pattern. The bubblegum pink chair is all it takes to shake up a classic look, taking a workspace from ‘serious’ to creative, uplifting and contemporary.
Turquoise and deep pink play off each other perfectly, especially in a bedroom setting. A hint of pattern adds to the energy, while the blocks of black keep the scheme grounded.

In conclusion The key to working a fearless color palette is to match the furniture, so choose wisely  a show-stopping bed or sofa that’s at the heart of your decorating scheme.

Now you are ready to start decorated your home.

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