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Biophilia | Interiors with Nature

Biophilia | Interiors with Nature

Biophilia design is more than just bringing the outside in. A term that become a conversation very importante within the Interior design world.

Biophilia it’s about natural light and natural material. But most of all it’s about making a connection with different aspects of nature.

We as humans need to consciously include organic patterns and nature into interiors.

Giving us the ability to reconnect and strength the human-nature connection we all need in order to increase our wellness.

The contact with spaces that incorporate natural organic elements has been proved to reduce mental fatigue and improve your attention and focus.

Choose conscious and sustainable elements. Such as wood, stone, bamboo and so many other raw materials, that will give your design a nature feeling.

Incorporate this trend in your own interior design project and blur the lines between the inside and the outside.

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